Ben's 'Instaclassic' comedy showcase – you better be there

Ben trying to act natural, like he's used to this photoshoot business. (Photo by Omar Navarro)

This dude Ben DelCastillo is putting on a comedy showcase next month at the San Jose Improv, and, well, if you're a cool cat you'd have already saved the date.

July 28, last Sunday of the month. Here's the pitch, pulled from the Improv site:

"Ben DelCastillo’s Instaclassic is a comedy showcase that includes the area’s best standups who also happen to be some of Ben’s best friends. So what you get is a fun, chill atmosphere where we break down the fourth wall and bust each other’s chops. Just like hanging with the homies." 

Full disclosure: Ben's my boyfriend. But hey, even if he wasn't, I'd still suggest you go. As he so often reminds the world, he's a pretty cool guy. And funny, obviously, which is what really matters in this context.

WHAT: Ben DelCastillo's Instaclassic 
 WHEN: 7pm July 28 
 COST: $12 (or free, if you ask me to add you to the guest list) 
 WHERE: San Jose Improv, 62 S. Second St., San Jose 
 INFO: Click here for that

What more do you need to know? See you then, see you there!

Ben DelCastillo: Comic, poser, eighth-grade wrestling captain. (Photo by Omar Navarro)